Technology Enabled
Behavioral Health

Improving Outcomes and Lowering Costs.

Telemynd's solutions improve access to care through telemedicine, while assisting clinicians in developing personalized treatment plans with our proprietary, artificial intelligence platform. With these solutions, Telemynd can help improve behavioral health outcomes while decreasing costs overall.

Solving The ABC’s of  Behavioral Health


Access – Tele-behavioral Health provides access to a national network of psychiatric providers, therapists, and social workers through a cloud-based system designed for telemedicine.


Better Care – PEER Online is a clinical decision support tool that reduces “trial and error” prescribing. Patients have a greater than 80%¹ probability of being prescribed a medication that will improve their behavioral health condition at first treatment.


Costs – Integrated collaborative care, telepsychiatry and PEER Online solution can improve care while lowering overall cost of care for the population.


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What Doctors are Saying

"This could revolutionize prescribing practice in terms of helping people get the right treatment sooner."

What Clients are Saying

"This service has made a significant difference in the lives of patients who need it most. The providers are great to work with and truly care about the well being of our patients."