Stay safe while effectively seeing your patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Telemynd is your behavioral health partner for quickly integrating a telemedicine solution and increasing your patient census

Comprehensive behavioral health partner

Telemynd combines technology and services that allows you to increase your access to patients and efficiently deliver them the care they need.

Turnkey telemedicine solution

Telemynd has customized a telemedicine platform to meet the specific needs of behavioral health providers. The secure, cloud based platform allows for scheduling, patient data, clinical notes, e-prescribing and billing.

Expand your current practice

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare and the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate the adoption of these services. Partnering with Telemynd allows you to more effectively manage your existing practice while expanding through our national contracts with payors, hospital systems, and community health centers.

Do you have a solution in place to be able to continue to see patients with the COVID-19 outbreak?

Join our network of dedicated providers and utilize our turnkey solution to manage and see your existing patients virtually.