Technology Enabled Behavioral Health Solutions

Implementing our solutions to improve access to care through telemedicine and assist clinicians in developing personalized treatment plans with a proprietary, artificial intelligence platform.  

Behavioral Health:
A healthcare crisis that demands attention.

The behavioral health crisis is driven by a lack of clinical resources available to the estimated 90 million people in the United States that are suffering a mental health condition; resulting in less than 30% of them receiving treatment1.  Patients fortunate enough to receive treatment experience a remission rate of only 10%, due to the ‘trial and error’ prescribing process to find an effective drug treatment2.  The impact of limited access to care and the low efficacy of treatments results in an annual loss of productivity in excess of $31B3.

Offering solutions to improve patient care and lower costs.

Telemynd, through its wholly owned subsidiary Arcadian Telepsychiatry, improves access to care with its national network of psychiatric providers, and clinicians through a cloud-based system designed to deliver telemedicine.  Telemynd’s PEER Online , a product of its wholly owned subsidiary MYnd Analytics, is a clinical decision support tool that reduces “trial and error” prescribing.  These solutions for improving behavioral health care can lead to lower costs for payers, patients, and providers.

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